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in Digital Era
We work on web design & development since 2005, focus on apps & system development as solution over designed components, framework, data treatment, UI, then users interaction, so-called UX (User Experiences).

LIEDE WORKS UC is founded in 2019, providing service of apps development, business system solution in major.

You are welcomed if looking for solution about web-based applications, web site production, management system, UI & UX design.
UI & Visual Development
User Experience Enhancement
Data & Functionality Treatment
Work with Mission

By use of feature, visual elements & information presentation could be vary with applications. It is base elements of apps, from personal informative website, coporate branding site for business, mobile apps, apps connecting with social network channel, to system for operation & management

With experienced web application development, we always care about how importance of information & message delivery to end-user. This is why LIEDE established to focus DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT PROCESS of UI, UX & APPS.
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